Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well, look at that, here come all the little peons crawling out of the woodwork to give advice and snark. I'd forgotten why I left this community behind after finishing Dreams in Darkness. Now I remember. It was you people.

First, step the hell off of Judith. It may have been rash to label all anonymous dickheads, and your actual messages aren't bad, but it isn't clever to use it as a sign-off to crackwise at her. Especially consider the shit we're going through at the moment.

Second,  again with the "stop telling stories"? Look, this isn't a story. I couldn't fucking make this shit up. Yes, I know it looks like I just got handed a fictional horror story and went wild with it, but that doesn't make what's happening any less real.

Third, we don't expect you to do anything other than maybe not, ya know, start screaming at us like a few of you did. We know we only have ourselves and the police to help us. It'd just be nice not to log-on here to see a bunch of idiots calling us liars.

Fourth, speaking of police...

Yeah, they're making sure we're being taken care of. You can't see it, but there's another car off to the right under a carport and a third a bit down the ways. The link to MaleOrderMan that Skhisma was kind enough to post gave the police all the information they needed to get myself, Judith, and my family around-the-clock protection. It's nice, if a bit invasive. Still, it's better than waking up to a psychopath on your bed.

Speaking of which, the police are actually baffled by this Brett Taylor character. They were able to use the mentioning of his brother's murder-suicide to track him down. He apparently lived about two hours away from here, but hasn't returned to his home in quite some time. Their currently working on figuring out where he logged onto his blog from, but it's taking some time to get the IP address to do the necessary cross-references.

I honestly have no idea what to think about this guy. As far as I'm concerned, Dreams in Darkness was just a story, and I cannot help it how someone might react to its content. I thought it was pretty damn clear the whole thing was a work of fiction, so there's nothing I could've done to stop that kid from killing himself and his parents. He just used DiD as an excuse.

But this Brett guy is apparently just as mentally unstable as his brother was. He's trying to blame me for everything and now he's got some fucked up idea that he needs to make the story true or something. So he fucking kills my roommate. And disembowels her. And hangs her naked in the park.

If I'd have known what would happen by coming forward as the Dreams in Darkness author, I wouldn't have done it. I'd still have Mary. Brett would have no one to stalk. I could get back to writing. Instead, I have to deal with this shit.

As for you, Skhisma, go fuck yourself. As far as I'm concerned, you're just Brett playing mindgames with my head and trying to make me think you're some sort of Arsonist split-personality of either myself or him. Well, I'm not playing. I know Dreams in Darkness. I know how that shit ends. And I'm not playing your little games, Mr. "I'm So Clever, I Used 'Split' In Greek As My Name". Fuck the hell off.


  1. Your roommate just died. You and aquaintances are finding the time to make posts about it on a blog. If this isn't a fictional blog then you need a reality check, life does go on, but right now there are people who are grieving that need you more than faceless dicks on the net.

    You are aware of the attitudes of the average internet user, and as you've just said, you're aware of those in "this" community. I'm not even in "this" community and I'm having a hard time taking this blog seriously.

    There are no news reports that I can find, which if this is being played down is understandable.

    On top of that the Reintegration Tablet actually posted here. On an OOG blog. That's... odd, to say the least, but not exactly something you have much control over.

    If you want, feel free to take this comment as a personal attack, I'm sure you need something to hit back against, but cposting online about this is not going to help the reactions of the skeptics.

    I'm not saying "GTFO, don't post ever", I'm saying think about the average internet user, and ask yourself "What sort of reactions will I get if I post about this?" and then ask yourself "Can I spare myself from more emotional trauma in this situation?".

    Humanity is a screwed up and perverse species, odds are you're going to have a *very* hard time fighting to make it clear that this is read. Spare yourself the battle, at least for now.

  2. Envy, different people cope with grief differently. Some people withdraw from society, while others engage in violence. Alex is clearly someone who takes writing seriously. If writing his thoughts on his blog is how he copes and normalizes while dealing with Mary's death, then let him do so.

    Alex, Mary has already died. You've brought a madman to your doorstep. I'm doing all I to aid you without making things even worse. I understand your ambition, but you must come clean before anyone else dies. Do you want to lose Judith? Your family? Tell your whole story, and tell it truly. It's the only way

  3. Alex, I...I'm so sorry. I wish there was something I could do. I really do. I'm glad that you're at least having a level head about this and making the logical decisions.

    Incidentally, it'd be a good idea to try and get an IP trace on Skhisma, too. He (or she, maybe) seems to know SOMETHING.

  4. Skhisma, I can't stop him from doing whatever he pleases. I'm just pointing out what sorts of reactions he should expect.

    If he wants to deal with such reactions, fine. If he wants to run from them, also fine.
    His choice, his life.

  5. I'm sorry for taking shit out on you and the others, Envy. Just have a lot of fucking shit going on right now.

    And Skhisma! Hey! Buddy! You actually got something fucking right for once. And then you follow it up with more of your usual bullshit. I'm not admitting a thing. Brett will get caught and pay for killing Mary, I'll publish my book, and life will keep going. So fuck off.

  6. It's completely understandable, Alex. There's no need to apologise on my account. As I said before, sometimes you just need to lash out, it's a part of the grieving process.

  7. You're getting people fucking killed, you son of a bitch! You know Mary? The friend that you apparently were close enough with to share an apartment? The friend this MaleOrderMan cut up?

    That's on your fucking head.

    And why? Because you don't want to admit you lied about "your" goddamn book. That's right everybody. Alex here is a fucking liar. He didn't write Dreams In Darkness. Damien did.

    Alex just came in, picked it up, and called it his own. Too bad he wasn't aware that a psycho was eagerly anticipating someone laying claim to my ex's story. So Mary dies, Alex can't take a hint, and someone has to do something to stop it.

    So I get to play the bitch and ruin everyone's "fun". Typical.

  8. ...Keira?


    What the FUCK is going on?

  9. What Andy said. Except with more caps.


  10. Well. Now we at least know where you stand.

  11. You remind me of someone...
    Watch your back.
    Watch yourself.

  12. And now I genuinely like you, Alex.

    You have style. It's too bad we'll never meet, I'd love to spend some time with you.