Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I despise my roommate

Fucking Mary showed up this morning. I walked out into the living room and there she was, passed out on the sofa. I started laughing uncontrollably as soon as I saw her from the sheer relief of it all. And then proceeded to grab the spray bottle, wake her up, and yell in her face about where the hell she’d ran off too. 

Apparently, it was a surprise romantic getaway with Kathy. Neither of them took their cell phones so they could stay out of touch with the rest of society, which explained why I couldn’t get through to Ms. Runaway’s girlfriend during my panic. 

I honestly feel like killing her myself. I get done warning her about my stalker message and the potential danger, and what does she do? She runs off to some hotel for the night without leaving me any explanation or way to contact her. Who the hell does something like that? I seriously cannot believe her.

Also, to those of you who apparently think this is just another story: No. No it fucking isn’t. Judith may think that you’re all sweet to come in here with your kindness, but I see all that doubt. “Oh my, it’s a Slender Blog author. He could just be writing another story.” Fuck. You. What sort of fucking troll do you take me for? I couldn’t write a story like this if I tried.

…Well, start of day two. Going to sit in this goddamn apartment, keep in touch with all my loved ones, and wait for this shit to blow over. See you on the other side.


  1. It is good to hear that your roommate is alright for the time being. I can only imagine how terrible it would be to have someone that close stripped away from you.

    I wonder if, perhaps, you should do something more than sit and wait. Damien lost everything because he failed to act. You can change this. Ted died strung up in a forest near a field.

    I lived near the red brick building you used in your tale some time back. I'm going to assume you used the field down the road from it as the inspiration for your story. Perhaps you should go there tomorrow, just in case.

  2. That's a huge relief, Alex (it still feels weird calling you that...I always just call you Damien online yet).

    Also, do you know this Skhisma person? He seems a bit...I dunno, he's someone who's telling you to go to a specific location. And though we all obviously know it's a fake, I believe that visiting places at the invitation of anonymous tips didn't work out so well for Jay of Marble Hornets. Or for anyone in real life. Unless you know who Skhisma is, I'd...skip over his advice.