Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Damien's Notebook: Entry 2

I apologize for the lack of an update. I'd intended to do so yesterday, but Judith made a surprise visit. We decided to grab a copy of Inception, order pizza, and stay in. I didn't quite have time to go about transcribing a mad man's words onto this site with her here. Judith certainly had time to pick it up and flip through it, though. I swear, she was more interested in that damn notebook than in the movie. I made sure to keep an eye on it as she left this time. Didn't exactly feel like having her walk out with it again.

Randomly found this page while flipping through the book. Nothing particularly of note on the page  outside of the entry and a tiny red scribble in the top-left corner, like someone was trying to get the ink to work in their pen.


A fucking cult. How can I not remember my parents being part of a fucking cult? How the hell did I just foret Something like that? It's like I remember the church. I remember playing in that sick fuck's house. I remember my parents leaving me home with a babysitter some nights while they went on "dates". But I can't remember anymore.

I know I should know more. I can feel the gaps.

TheArsonist must have done this. Or that thing took my memories. Or something. Something screwed with my mind, played with it like it was a toy. God, I feel so violated. So fucking violated. If something can just fuck with my head like

Why am I even surprised anymore? Some part of my skull is a psycho. My life is being ruined  by some guy in a suit with fucking tentacles? Ted, Emily, Amelia are all dead. And I'm sitting her fucking journaling? What the hell is wrong with me?

I'm insane is what's wrong.

I'm gonna go take my meds and watch some TV. Try and sleep. Figure out what to do tomorrow."


  1. Look. Alex, if you're going to go down with the ship, fine. But don't let Judith read it anymore. Be polite about it, but if only one of you has to die, it might as well be the one who chose to dive into this and put it on the internet.

    Besides which, you need this for work. Judith can't help you with this set of work, so it's only logical. It's not the paranoid ravings of an internet lunatic at all.

    Just please, please be careful.

  2. Indeed, how could Damien foret something as important as that?

  3. Honestly Amalga, despite thinking you are seriously overreacting (and, hey, thanks for saying I'm the one who should die, asshole), I don't like Judith reading the notebook. I did what I could to keep it away from her yesterday, but I swear every time I turned away for a minute, she was reading it again. I'm... concerned.

    As for how Damien could "foret Something", Omega, that's how it was spelled in the notebook. I'm doing what I can to put these up exactly how they're written in the book.

  4. I know it was his misspelling, not yours. Which I just realized means I'm making fun of a man who went horribly insane and killed himself.
    Does that make me a bad man?

  5. Genre Blind Alex:

    "Girlfriend is reading supernatural book. Nothing will come of this. Everything is fine!"

  6. Omega, you son of a bitch, no, it doesn't make you a bad man to mock Damien's writing after he died. It makes you a fucking asshole.

  7. We often forget the most important things until it is too late. Damien learned this lesson. It is an important one.

  8. I really don't know why you are all freaking out about this book so much. And I'm not obsessed with it, it's just interesting to read. I mean, come on, a book that never ends and never repeats. Even these entries Alex put up are new to me.

    Thanks for your concern, everyone, but there's nothing to be concerned about.