Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Hell Is Going On?

I was finally able to actually sleep last night instead of staying up worrying about what to do with that goddamn notebook, and then I woke up to this.

Rick said... 
Oh great. This is just what I needed to find. Another person drawn into my dead brother's insanity. This is absolutely great. When are you people going to learn to leave well enough alone?
Alex, you seem like the rational sort. There's a psychiatric facility near you. You may recall that my mother was staying there before she died of a heart attack. Perhaps the best course of action is having Judith go in for evaluation? You should do what you can to stop these delusions before they progress any further.
And you seem to be seeing things as well, considering this "infinite notebook". Maybe you should get yourself checked out as well.
Finally, if it IS my brother's notebook (which, I assure you, it was not infinite when I looked through it), Kiera and "Skhisma" must have stolen it from the police. I believe the authorities would be most interested in this information.

So apparently Rick O'Connor, the same Rick O'Connor that called Damien insane, has found my blog. He's also claiming that Judith and I are insane. Rick here says we should go get psychiatric help. My reply?

Fuck. Off. I am not sending Judith off to be fucking institutionalized when I know firsthand that this shit is real, this shit is dangerous, and this shit isn't going to just go away by talking to some shrinks. Fuck no.

Now, prior to Rick's appearance, Skhisma left this comment. I think I believe him. For some reason, I feel he had the best intent in mind. However, I'm not burning it. Not yet. I need to get this under control. Rash action like burning something infinite does not seem like the best decision, especially considering the information it could contain

However, far more interesting is what he said in reply to Rick.

Skhisma said... 
"Rick". You're still using the name of a man so many times your better in order to try and give your words more meaning? You're still trying to cast doubt and misinformation on Damien's story so you and your little club can keep playing in the shadows?
I know who you are, "Rick". I remember how Wilcox always gave you so much extra attention. You were always Matthew's favorite. I seem to recall how he'd sometimes take you away for "private lessons". I can only imagine what that bastard did to you, and yet you embraced it. Look at you now: Leader of the faded remnants of an old, dead religion.
And just like I know you, "Rick", you know me. You know what I'm doing. You know what I'll keep doing. Now stop playing your games, stop soiling a good man's name, and start running.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?


  1. A War.

    Like your notebook, it is infinite.

    A Nightmare with no chance to Wake from.

    It's His Game.

    We are all interchangeable pieces.

    Swapping theories.

    Swapping loyalties.

    Lakes of blood that only grow deeper.

    Hard to say which is worse.

    An End By Him.

    Or an End by those we thought we could trust.

  2. A heap of inimitable shit, that's what.

    I suspected there was a cover-up, particularly after Zeke's investigation, but... Rick potentially dead? It's always been a possibility, I suppose, but seeing it there in black and white is... oy. Don't want to think about this right now.

    I guess all I can say is, good luck to you man. Watch your girl like a hawk, 'cause bad shit tends to happen the moment your back is turned.

  3. You'd think that after all this, you'd have realized exactly what you're walking into.

    If Skhisma thinks you should burn the book, you ought to burn it. Or give it to Brett in a particularly epic bit of revenge.

    Don't sit still on this, Alex. That's how you'll get killed.

  4. If the book is infinite and you burn it, do you get an infinite fire? That could be useful. Limitless energy. Imagine.

  5. You were quite sure, not so long ago, that you could handle this.