Friday, July 15, 2011


I've spent the past few days getting accustomed to my new lodgings, and getting ready for what I'm about to try and do. I made a lot of mistakes the past few months. I regret many of them, but I can't look to my old life and hope to take it back. Life doesn't work like that. You can only move forward. That's what I'm doing now: moving forward.

Perhaps the greatest mistake I made was not paying attention to other people. I've been reading the blogs. I started with those who have been commenting here and started working my way through as many as I could find. I still don't know who to listen to and believe, but any information is good information. I'm starting to get an idea of what is going on, and of what I need to do.

I've also been talking to a few people to try and get certain plans set in motion. In particular, I've been speaking with Kiera quite a bit since she left me a comment awhile back telling me to get in touch. She's still a bitch, but we have common goals. She wants Judith back as much as I do. I'm gonna need all the help I can get.

I will get Judith back. I'm done letting the events in my life destroy everything around me while I just walk through it like I have no other choice. I'm done being useless and letting everyone around me die because I do nothing. I'm better than that. I just have to prove it.


  1. You just become more and more interesting, don't you? I must admit, I did not foresee your abrupt shift in mindset or that you would attempt such a foolhardy path as trying to oust me from my sanctuary. I expected you to break. Instead, here you stand allied with the bitch to try and defy your superior.

    I should have killed you when I had the chance.

    And yet, you amuse me. I am much too busy setting my own plans in motion to try and stop yours through wonderful, violent death. No, I have another idea. I am going to break you in a different way. Give me two months, and you will be my pet, grovelling at your master's feet.

    I think Judith rather likes that idea as well.

  2. Oh. Well then. Looks like the game's back on. Sorry for the late arrival.

  3. the Arsonist. I would LOVE to shatter it's existence with extended work.