Friday, July 1, 2011

I can't do this anymore


  1. Yes. You can. Don't give up. There's always hope. Always.
    You've got to hang on, because she can't right now.

  2. I maintain: you're the only one who can save her. You can't give up.

  3. You can't just abandon her. You got to save her.

  4. Don't give up Alex! Judith is in there, somewhere, fighting to regain control of her body but she needs your help to take that... "thing" out of there

    You have to fight, you're the only one who can help her, his strongest bond to this world

  5. You poor, ignorant fools. There is nothing to be gained by fighting a battle that has already been lost.

    Still, you amuse me. Perhaps I shall let you entertain me still more. Come, bring me your anger and your fear and your curiosity. I wish to speak with all who also desire it.

  6. Ok Arsonist, i'll bite

    Who are you? no... WHAT are you? you can't just a split personality of Damien since he's dead

    And how did you end up in that notebook?

  7. A rather wise question, John. It is common knowledge that it is important to know your enemy. Sure, every piece of information you needed could have been found in my previous encounters with your kind, but perhaps I did not explain it quite well enough for you to comprehend. Asking about me, then, is perhaps the smartest decision you could have made in this instance. Well done.

    Have you ever had an idea that seemed like it had a life of it's own? Have you ever been so utterly consumed by a thought that you felt as though it were taking over your mind? I am that idea, that thought, at it's highest possible evolution. The idea that I am just some personality of dear, departed Damien is a sad misconception. While he and all his trauma birthed me, we were never the same.

    I did, in fact, die with Damien. But as an idea, I am capable of spreading through the same methods all ideas spread. Poor Judith received that strange notebook and apparently was open to the teachings that were recorded inside. As time went by, she began to think as I did, feel the way I did. It was only a matter of time, then. It was only a matter of time before I arose from the ashes to burn anew.

    Does this answer the question to your liking?

  8. You are far too dangerous to be left to your own devices. I am sorry, everyone, but there isn't any hope for Judith. Alex, I didn't mean for this to happen, but she must be stopped. I cannot allow my mistake to live on and destroy more lives. Never again will anyone else pay for my mistakes. She must be put down.

    I am so sorry, Judith. Forgive me.

  9. And once more a being approaches to attempt and shout me down as a fiend which must be destroyed at all costs. I am no such thing. I only wish to bring order to the chaos that the abomination thrusts us all into. Is that such a terrifying prospect?

    But, you are not like the rest of these people, are you Skhisma? It is you and that vile woman Kiera who are doing some of my tasks for me, is it not? It is you who are eliminating the worms who worship the beast? I would ever so like to meet you. I wish to know the man behind the "split", as it were.

    I do believe we are two men of the same mind, Skhisma. Perhaps we can come to an agreement if you just overcome whatever petty grievances you have with me.

  10. You broke a woman's will and enslaved it to your own. Fuck petty grievance, you're an insane psychopath who's got a real serious beatdown coming his way.

  11. Interesting, thanks Arsonist

    As long as there's some record of your existence you'll reborn even if Skhisma kills Judith... interesting.

    So! how do you feel about your new vessel? isn't she a little... weak, for a being like you? more importantly, what if Alex could find a more fitting Vessel? Not alex, he's a big pussy who can't even defend himself (no offense Alex) someone more fitting... Like Brett! he's strong, fast, he has been touched by your old friend slender man so there's some kind of bond between them. I don't know about you but i would rather be in the body of someone who's armed with something more than a pair of boobs (again, no offense)

  12. ... Right. Is anyone else getting the distinct vibe that Skhisma and Arsehole here know each other better than what they're saying?
    Skhisma, if you know something, you should perhaps say so now while it still has a chance of doing some good.

  13. Obviously they know each other better than what they're saying, but I think I know what you're getting at.

    Skhisma, I think you really REALLY need to stop sitting on the sidelines if either Judith or Alex is to stand a chance. You don't need to say anything here or give yourself away, but you need to DO SOMETHING. Sooner rather than later. The longer these things last, the harder they are to stop. And I'm NOT talking about a bullet to the brain. There has to be another way if you just think.

  14. Perhaps I underestimated you all when I first claimed you all weak and useless.

    Yes, Skhisma, listen to your little friends. Tell me who, exactly, you are? Clearly you have some rather great disliking of me. If I did not know better, I would assume that you were dearest Damien yourself. However, he is dead...

    Or perhaps not? Intriguing. What if you are Damien? What if... Oh, how amusing that would be: Innocent little Damien picking up my thoughts and methods for his own. The idea of him willingly becoming like his most hated thought is just too sweet to comprehend.

    Yes, Skhisma, I do believe we must meet. Perhaps at a certain building in the woods?

  15. You said it yourself, Arsoness. You're an idea. A construct of the human mind.

    You can be deconstructed.

    Maybe you'll never die, but in that state, you'll wish you could.

  16. This is exactly what I need. That... thing making its return while this town is in turmoil. We already have one psychopath running around senselessly murdering, we don't need another.

    Your days are numbered, Arsonist. I've already made my calls to make sure you stay dead this time. I must admit, we made mistakes during our last encounters, but I believe I know exactly how to make sure you never come back.

    Enjoy your final days.

  17. If you sick fucks touch a fucking hair on Judith's head, Peter, I will join Skhisma and personally send you all to the bottom of that endless staircase in body bags.

    I don't agree with Skhisma. This can be beaten. Judith is amazingly strong. She will not let some fucking insane thought keep control of her for long. I sure as fuck won't let it happen either. Judith will get through this. Judith will not lose to some douchecanoe former aspect of Damien. It simply is not fucking happening.

    She's better than you'll ever be, Arsonist. You don't stand a fucking chance in hell.

  18. How're the kids you're seeing every night, Rick? They're going to start stepping up their game soon. Enjoy the last happy moment of your life.

    Ladies and gents. There's nothing more I can do. But Alex?

    I hope you read this now and then, Alex.

    One life left. You can still win this. Stop being a doucheturd. The lady needs you. Fight you regrettable piece of shit. FIGHT.

  19. Screw you, Nick. I have no idea what you're talking about. I've seen no kids at all. I really think you should consider what I said about psychiatric help.