Saturday, July 9, 2011

Against It All

I've been staying with my family since Judith was lost. When I first got here, I just told them she left me. That was good enough for them to take me in and not question the mood I was in for the past week.

Things are still rough for them. Their finances are still terrible. They still have another month left paid ahead on their mortgage, but something has to give for them. Dean and my mom are still applying everywhere they can, but there's just no work. I've offered to get an apartment with them when my lease is up, split the rent. They don't want to do that. They don't want their son to have to help pay for the roof over their heads. They're too proud for that, and I understand.

I'm home now, though. I kind of had to leave, considering the way they reacted. I told them everything that happened, and it didn't go well. I told them about my plagiarizing and Brett and Dreams in Darkness. I told them about the cult and Slender Man and TheArsonist. They thought I was crazy. They said I needed to take a break from writing and relax. The rest of the day, they were watching me like I was going to snap at any second. I couldn't handle that.

It only got worse when I saw Brett's comment.  I had to leave before I really did snap at one of them.

I'm not stupid. I know you're reading this, Brett. I have half an idea on how you got out. You were in the psychiatric ward, right? Too crazy for prison. This "Rick" or Peter or whatever his name is has mentioned that exact mental institution many times. He had his people let you out, didn't he? He wants Judith dead and you're the perfect little tool to do that.

If you touch a hair on her head, I will gut you. Judith is lost, but she isn't gone. I can figure this out. I can find her again. If you try and kill her, I will make what you did to Mary look like child's play. This goes for anyone out there. Do not harm her. I can save her.

I will figure this out. I don't care if it seems impossible. I can do this.



    GIVE THEM THE FIRE! THE FURY! THE BRIMSTONE! And I strongly suggest you take any firearms, crowbars, baseball bats, tasers, pepper spray, or tear gas you might have on hand. Whatever happens next, you're going to have to fight dirty.

    One Life Left. No continues. Stage 8. Your princess is in the damn castle. GO TO WORK.

  2. Good for you. What Nick said. Good luck.

  3. You'll certainly need some luck. It looks like your story has an excess of antagonists. I think your first step should be trying to get somebody else on your side.

  4. Oh dere, I can't stop laughi ng... "I can save her"..."I got his" "Totes ujnder control". Dude, you're fucked and in denial.,

    I've just had too much and I can tell you're too depp to crawl out, good luck though
    You're gonna need i,t.

  5. First things first, do you know where Judith is? You should look for clues, maybe she wrote something before... you know, and that may lead you to her current location

    Also, don't face Brett, he's beaten you twice without even trying, it's useless to keep trying, but remember that he's not the smartest (or sanest) person in the world, he's a tool and maybe you can find some use for him.

  6. Oh my. The little boy grew a set. How delightful.

    I'll try and stop being a bitch for a moment. No fucking promises, though. You still rub me the wrong goddamn way.

    Judith is still there. I don't care what Skhisma says. I'm not giving up on her. It's nice to see that you aren't either. So, it's just you and me now, kid. We can do this. We can get her back from that sick fuck that's got her under its sway.

    My e-mail is in my profile. Get in touch, Alex. I may think you're a sad little douchecanoe, but Judith means as much to you as she does to me. It doesn't make any fucking sense not to work together to kick TheArsonist's ass and get her back.

  7. It's good that you're thinking positive and all, but instead of updating this you should probably be out saving her ass. Save the details for later. Words mean nothing without action.

  8. So this is what it has come to? A scared little boy teaming up with the terrified girl to save the woman they both love?

    Have you ever stopped and considered that perhaps Judith wants it this way? Ideas cannot take hold unless some part of the mind wants it there, after all. Judith wants me. She needs me, even. Are you truly so willing to try and take me away from her?

    You can try, and you will fail. I am here, and I have much I am working on. I will not allow a pathetic lump of flesh like you to get in the way.