Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Illusion of Sanity

I don’t understand it. How the fuck did he get in here again? As if I don’t have enough on my mind with Judith disappearing to look into Kiera’s story… if that’s even what’s happening. What if he’s right? It’d explain how he was here. It’d explain so much.

But it can’t be true. I’m not crazy.

Brett was here. I was trying to get in touch with Judith once again, and turned the corner to find him standing there in my living room like he fucking lived here, twiddling that knife between his fingers. I caught his eyes, and the most malevolent smile crept across his face. There was something so familiar about him. 

Brett pointed the blade at me. He brought his finger up to his lips. I understood. I didn’t yell for help. I had no way of defending myself, and he’s bigger than I am. The psycho would gut me before the police ever made it here. Fortunately, I was able to do one thing. I set my phone to start recording. If this was my death, at least my family and Judith would know what happened.

Brett - “Nice place. Not sure how you’ll afford it now. No Mary to keep you afloat.”

Me – “Because of you. You fucking killed her.”

B – “You haven’t read your adoring public’s comments, have you? You killed her. All your fault. All because you wrote that story. Glad to see they see the truth. They know I’m the hero.”

M – “You’re… you’re fucking delusional, fucking insane. I didn’t write Dreams in Darkness. I didn’t fucking write anything. I lied.”


M – “Didn’t yo—“

B – “You just want out. Too late now. You killed my family. You made Harry go crazy. You opened my eyes. You wrote it. You killed them. You killed Mary. And you think saying you lied will make it all go away. Isn’t happening. You’re in too deep now.”

M – “Didn’t you see Kiera’s comment?”

B – “That was you. Had to be. Just another way out. Just another lie. Always lies with you.”

B – “Unless you think it’s real. Even though you actually wrote it. Maybe you’re mad. Ever think about that? Maybe this is all in your head. That’d be pretty crazy. Makes you crazy. All in your head. Kiera, Judith, even me. All just you, writing.”

M – “That… you’re crazy. And I know Judith is real.”

B – “Maybe she’s real, but you write her things? Just you writing. Author of your nightmare.”

M – “I… I know I’m not.”

B – “How are you sure? Maybe you killed Mary. Maybe you wrote Kiera and Judith and Skhisma. Maybe I’m just in your head.”

M – “I…”

B – “Explains how I got in here. Explains so much. Makes it all your fault. You killed Mary. You made me up and you killed Mary.”

M – “You’re insane. You know you’re real.”

B – “All I know are the voices and that you die soon. Very soon… Sleep now.”

Next thing I knew, he’d rushed me and my skull was being introduced with the nearest wall. I woke up lying on the floor. The first thing I did was replay that conversation. I could hear his voice. I had to get this to the police to look into. And yet… what if I just think I hear him? What if he’s right? So I transcribed it here first. Proof of… something.

I’m going down to talk to my “guards” now. Hopefully they hear him too. And hopefully they fucking stop him from getting in here ever again.

Oh god, I know where I’ve seen him: The fan from the grocery store before all of this started. He was the fucking fan. Mary and Kathy saw him. He has to be real… Right?


  1. "I've got balls of steel", over and over again until you break. That's what I'd do. You're a real piece of work, Deja Vu Kid.

    Why don't you do the smart thing, and get yourself a can of pepper spray to deal with Asshat? Or a collapsible baton? It's called fighting. Sometimes you need to do it. If this guy keeps sneaking up on you, you'll have to do it properly eventually. Or you'll die. Or he'll kill your family. Or he'll do both.

    Suck it up and get to work.

  2. What the hell. If he's real enough to smash your head into a wall, then he's real enough to need to deal with. ...You DO know how to throw a punch, don't you? Or take a swing with a 2x4 or bat at the very least? You're actions (or lack there of) make me wonder...

    At this rate, I'll start referring to you as "The Damsel"~

  3. And Mitch just made an EMH/CANYOUSEETHEWORDS joke.

  4. This guy is just straight up fucking insane. I know I'm real. Plus, there's no way a hack like you imagines someone like me. Get your fucking head on straight instead of listening to a psycho.

    Oh, and way to get taken out like a bitch.

    Judith says to be careful, though. Yes, she's here. Yes, I'm showing her things. You can thank me when she gets back and saves your goddamn life. Lord knows you've proven yourself incapable of taking care of yourself.

  5. Congratulations, Mitch, you are aware of things on the internet.

    Congratulations, Maudlin, you can explain jokes for the rest of us.

  6. Why are we trusting of Kiera?

  7. Little Lion ManMay 7, 2011 at 7:32 AM

    For the love of almighty Christ, Envy, don't talk on the Internet if you're not capable of it. His name is Maduin, not Maudlin. Fucking dick.

  8. If you're upset by my conceited response to Maduin and Mitch, please say so. In any case, I'll do my best to avoid sparking rage over my typographical errors in the future.

  9. Little Lion ManMay 7, 2011 at 5:36 PM

    Honestly, Envy, you're just a dick in general and I feel no need to elaborate on the reasons why because, honestly, you seem like the kind of person who wouldn't accept the criticism and make an effort to change yourself for the better. You just seem like a dick.

  10. You seem like you'd be a nice chap when you're not being riled, I'm all about changing myself for the better.

    Here's no need to convince me you're telling the truth, I am a dick, and I can't think of anything in the world that could change that.

    However let's say, for the sake of Alex's comment section, that I've temporarily reformed, and call it a day.