Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Judith came back on Sunday. It was so good to have her in my arms again after worrying for the past three weeks. She's been here since, and we've spent a lot of time just talking.

She's still upset. I guess I understand. Still, she cares about me enough to give me a second chance and stick around, despite all the madness around us. This is why I love this woman. Judith understands me, and she's not going to just abandon me at the first sign of trouble.

She's changed, though. I saw it in her eyes from the moment she walked in the door, and felt it in her hug when I finally got to hold her again. She carries herself differently, like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. She explained why, and I mostly understand, but it's still a strange thing to see. She used to be so carefree and relaxed. Now... now there's something more underneath.

Apparently, the police did speak to her about the mayoral murder over in that town. They literally grabbed her off the street and took her in for questioning. Thank god she had an alibi. They've got her on camera at a supermarket during the supposed time of the murder. Judith says Kiera sent her out to get food at that particular time. No doubt in my mind now that Kiera did it, fucking killed someone, but at least she kept Judith clean. I appreciate that, even if the woman is still a raging bitch.

The scariest thing, to me, is what Judith told me about the... things that go on in that town. The cult is real. Kiera claims it's different than it was years ago. It's not some child-murdering religious organization, and instead has just become a way for people to consolidate power. Still, if this "cult" isn't doing anything more wrong than any other religious or political group, what's her excuse for killing the mayor?

Just as worrisome as the cult, though, is... Judith went into the red brick building with Kiera. They didn't go deep, but she saw the trapdoor, the one that shouldn't be there. And if that impossible structure is real... God, I still remember the chills from when I drove by a month ago... Has it really been a month?

Judith says Kiera taught her some tricks to staying alive, and quite frankly I'll take all the aid I can get until the police catch the psycho after me and I escape this mess, but there's another source of help. Kiera gave Judith a notebook. Not just any notebook.

Damien's notebook, the writings of the man whose story is ruining my life.

It came with a warning, that looking too deep is dangerous, but that the knowledge inside could save our lives. The writing in it is... odd. Some pages are nice and neat, filled with just thoughts and theories. Others are scrawls of madness. Still, that's not the strangest part about the book.

The book is infinite. The pages never stop turning. I don't understand it, but it's true. It's impossible to reach the end of the notebook. I'm not even sure it's possible to find a page you've already passed.

I know it's crazy and you all won't believe me, but it's true. I'll get pics later, just to prove all of you naysayers wrong. For now, I have more important things to take care of, like dinner with Judith.


  1. Oh Alex. I believe you all too well.

    Don't play around with this stuff. And make sure Judith goes around with a taser or a baton from here on out. That bastard WILL be back, and he will try and hurt you both. Trust me on that one.

  2. She's back? She's back she's back she's back she's back she's back she's back she's back she's back she's back she's back she's back she's back

  3. O_O uh, is anyone else disturbed about the comment above me?

    May want to stay on your toes Alex.

  4. You're not alone. Alex, get prepared for Brett. Don't fuck up again. You won't live to regret it but that's probably because you won't live at all.

  5. @Alex: I know I don't have to tell you this, but Brett has shown an ability to enter your apartment at will. He's likely going to do so again. Do not lose Judith. You'll never recover.

    Keep Damien's notebook safe, but also be weary of it. Kiera entrusted it to you and Judith because it can help you, but it's a double-edged sword. Use it wisely.

    @Judith: Brett will find you. Use what Kiera taught you and gave you, as well as what you already know. I trust you'll make it.

    @Brett: You lost everything and it broke you. Ruining Alex's life will do nothing to solve this. It isn't his fault.

    Stop. Get help. It's never too late to pick up the pieces of a shattered psyche and recover.

  6. Listen to Skhisma and give the fuck up, Brett. Really. You're fucking pathetic.