Saturday, May 14, 2011


Skhisma wasn't lying. It wasn't Judith that was murdered earlier this week. The police released more details about the killings over the past few days, and I feel like I have enough to really merit updating you all.

It was the mayor from a town over, which certainly explains why they kept the identity under wraps. He was found dead on his bedroom floor with, in the words of the police chief during his press conference, "significant evidence leading us to suspect foul play". From what I overheard from the cops outside, someone strangled him with a garrote.

They also have a suspect, one they came to me to ask about yesterday after seeing a new comment on this blog.

Judith. I know you're reading this. Get the fuck away from Kiera. They're looking at you as a potential accomplice now, considering what Kiera said. Please. Come back home.


  1. here the idea that bleeds,
    hell comes silently tonight,
    Why do you not act?

  2. Hmmm, I wonder why the police would jump to the conclusion that Judith was complicit in the man's murder just because she is vaguely associated with Kiera? Could it be that the police are corrupt and are working against Kiera? Or better yet, Kiera did did kill the mayor because the mayor was in the cult and the police are either members themselves or its pawns and are now trying to stop Kiera from destroying their sick congregation.

    It's almost voyeuristic watching you sleep, Alex, while the truth just flies by. You know, for such an utter bastard, you really are too idealistic for your own good. Oh yes, the police are the good guys. Right.