Dreams In Darkness: The Novel Q&A

Q. So, this is actually happening? You've really got a book deal?

Not yet. The publisher basically said they're interested in an adaptation. Dreams In Darkness, as it is, isn't something that can just be straight dropped into paper and sold. They want a summary, they want changes to make it viable in the new medium, and they want a few chapters to see if I can write in a more typical style. If they like what they see, I get a deal, a contract, an advance, and a lot of work tossed onto my plate.

Q. What publishing company, and how did you get in touch with them?

I'd rather not give out the company right now, just because I'm not officially signed on yet and all that. They're a smaller one, focusing on the horror niche and willing to take some risks.

I contacted them. I'd been trying to find someone interested in a "traditional" novel I'd been working on (Werewolf steampunk. No, I'm not kidding), and was using DiD as something to point at to show my writing style, my ability to weave a plot, that I can establish an audience, etc. They decided they liked DiD more.

Q. What are you doing about Slender Man, and the references to all the other blogs?

The other blogs have to be cut out. I'm planning on making sly references to people who'd gone through the same thing before, but I obviously can't drop Seeking Truth and The Tutorial into the middle of the story.

Slender Man is more complicated. The publishers are looking into what would happen with copyright and such. For now, they want a name change and nothing more. Excilis Everto, anyone? There's a chance I'll have to totally reimagine the character, though, if the copyright issue is too thick. Hopefully that doesn't happen.

Q. So what about that ending?

Yes, DiD: The Novel will have an alternate ending compared to the blog. In fact, technically, it'll be one of the original endings from when I very first conceived of the blog and had "multiple" choices because I was going to go more ARG and have commenters steer Damien's fate. Eventually, the original DiD evolved into something else. This novel gives me the chance to do some things the blog didn't/couldn't.

Q. When does it come out?

Probably about a year or two after I officially get the book deal. This is my first time writing a full novel, so it'll be rough. However, I have the story already charted, so I don't have to do that. It comes down to how long it takes me to physically write it all down, and how long the editing process takes.

Q. Can I get a copy?

Yes and no. The publisher actually wants to release it as an e-book first, just to test the waters. The market for DiD is online, so they want to see how it does online before sending it to print. However, if it hits bookshelves, I'm more than willing to sign some copies and get them to friends.

Q. What does this mean for DiD: The Blog? Will it stay up, or get pulled down to force readers to buy the book?

This is something that the publisher and I haven't discussed yet. I'm definitely planning on pushing to keep the blog available for free. I see it as advertising. DiD: The Novel will be a more "classical" story, it'll be taking alternate paths from the blog, and it'll have a different ending. There are a number of reasons for people to read both, so I want the original to remain up.

Feel free to ask any additional questions. I'll do what I can to answer them quickly and add them into this page.