Thursday, September 15, 2011

It worked

It worked it worked it worked.

They said I was a fool. They said it was a pipedream. They said I killed her for no reason, that I sacrificed a good woman senselessly. They were wrong. It worked.

Judith was at my door two days again, that smile I know all too well on her face. Not the smirk. Never the smirk. It's gone. It took it right out of her head.

It makes sense, right? It can destroy memories. It can destroy thoughts. It destroyed TheArsonist. I don't know how, but it did. It's just me and Judith now. And I'm never letting her go again.

We've done nothing but relax since she got back. She's asleep next to me right now. It's perfect. She's perfect. It all worked out.

I told you I could do this. I told you I'd win. I told you'd I'd overcome it all and get my Judith back.

And all I had to do was sacrifice everything else.

How long before I can finally forgive myself, and wash this bloodstain from my face? How long?


  1. It's not that easy, kid.
    It's never that easy. There's going to be a catch. And it will destroy you, because you apparently have absolutely no common sense.

  2. I hope you're never able to forgive yourself. You don't deserve forgiveness.

    - Hannah

    PS: Why do you think that it needed you to give it Kiera? It could have taken her at any time it wanted to. You're blind, Alex.