Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh god, it was Alex. Alex killed her. He's asleep now and I just looked in his closet and... and she's there. He killed her. That's why he felt so guilty. That's why he's been acting so insane since I got back. Alex killed Kiera.

I don't know what to do. What if he kills me next, and how long has he been like this? I-I think it's been since I I mean TheArsonist murdered his family. I think it was then since it only makes sense. No one could just take that and keep moving. No one has the will to find out that his mother had her blood drained, drop by drop, while her loved ones were forced to watch. How could one stay sane when he learns that his stepfather took his mother's heart in more ways than one, before he had his throat slit? And little Todd, drowned in blood, my masterstroke.

Oh dear, I do believe I've ruined my act. What a pity. I'm sure you fools would believe every word I fed you, if I were to remove the above and resume my charade. However, it was never my intention to remain in hiding. It would serve no purpose to stay in the shadows, and I much prefer to let the world feel my presence a final time before I take my leave of absence. I spent too long clawing my way up and out of dearest Damien's unconscious to abandon my position of dominance. But I do believe I am getting off track. My apologies. I will attempt to maintain some semblance of simplicity so you may understand my message.

Alex lies asleep beside me as we speak. I have spent the past week acting as Judith and watching as his mind deteriorated. Still, the question remains as to why it did. Did he truly kill Kiera, or was I simply playing with your perceptions? There certainly is evidence for both, and it is the same voice who gives it to us. Alex first tells us the story of the beast murdering her in spectacular fashion, but then he proceeds to show us his own mental decline as he sees himself as the killer. So, which is it? I know the truth, but certainly you do not trust me. Would you believe if I said that the monster came to me, attempted to remove me (it failed, quite obviously), and then left me on Alex's doorstep, thus proving it did the deed? Or would you believe if I told you that I was watching as he killed her, and played into his insanity for my own amusement by returning to him, pretending to be Judith? No matter which I tell you, I doubt you would believe my account.

What you can believe, however, is this. In the time it took me between writing the above passage and starting this one, I have stabbed Alex through the heart. His blood is soaking into the bed around me as I finish giving you my message. If I could feel, I'm sure I would delight in its warmth.

Before he died, whether as a murderer or simply a betrayer, Alex was a broken man. He clung to me every night, crying himself to exhaustion before passing out. I played the part of his loving Judith, just to enjoy his pain. He never should have gotten involved in this. It was not his place. But I'm glad he did. I wouldn't be here, in this body, if not for his foolish arrogance. Thus, he received a quick death and the final thing he heard was the voice of his dear Judith saying that she loved him. I am not without a heart for those I respect. Alex came a long way, from the infantile, arrogant, ineffectual boy he began this story as to a strong, pragmatic, effective monster. He became like me. If any deserved a painless death, it was him.

And so it ends, as all things must; as all living things in this tale did. A pity, that all my toys broke in this particular game. Well, perhaps not all of them. I still have Judith, of course. With her, I have all I need to find another game, and another set of playthings.

I believe it is time for me to go now. There are still so many things I must do. The beast still needs its master, but first I must find it a collar. While I was down in its lair, I found some engravings that may hold the key. I believe I shall begin there.

Don't think of this as goodbye, my friends. Think of it as a new beginning. And if you think you are strong enough to find me, to join me, to fight me, I will be here. I will always be here.

Until then.


  1. She died for nothing. God fuck it.

    - Hannah

  2. I can't even comprehend this.

    But...Alex deserved it. Fully.

    I guess in retrospect there was no way this was going to end even remotely well.

  3. What the HELL is wrong with you people? Did Kiera's Bitch-itis somehow infect you guys? Look, I don't care that Kiera was killed or not, just hear me out: CUT. ALEX. SOME. MOTHERFUCKING. SLACK. This is not his fault. Mr. Thin and theArsonist are making his life miserable. SO STOP WITH THE KIERA-EMULATING.

  4. Find you? Maybe. Sounds appealing, I must admit. I'll toss a coin, and we'll see.

    Until then, I have but one word: Bravo.

  5. Hn. well I have no room to talk, considering I'd do the exact same thing under those circumstances. There is literally no line i wouldn't cross for a girl i love.

    But Arsonist. Mark my words. If you and I ever meet, there WILL be a reckoning.

  6. ... There aren't words. Kiera and Judith deserved better.
    Alex... I wish I could say I hadn't seen this coming.

  7. When Damien kills you, I'm going to chalk it up to another senseless waste of human life.

  8. All right, let me see if I've got this all...

    Mary: Dead. Killed by Brett.

    Alex's family: Dead. Killed by TheArsonist inside Judith's body (who, for simplicity's sake, I will henceforth refer to as TheArsoness).

    All those cult members whose names I either don't know or can't be bothered to remember: Dead. Killed by Skhisma who is also Damien who had NOT as we all assumed, died after Dreams in Darkness.

    Skhisma/Damien/whoever the hell he is now exactly: Dead (probably). Killed (probably) by The Boss.

    Brett: Um...not sure about this actually. Kinda regained sanity there, said it hurt to get better or something, then told Alex goodbye. So Brett's either alive, recovering and sane, or he committed suicide. Still looking into it.

    Keira: Dead. Killed by The Boss because Alex is a prick like that, so she was also kind of killed by Alex.

    Alex: Dead. Killed by TheArsoness.

    Judith: Another tough call. Physically she's still alive, but mentally, she's maybe dead. I dunno. Judith's probably dead. Might regain sanity. Probably not.

    TheArsoness: Very much alive, but probably not coming back to this blog.

    All right, that's everyone who probably would have posted. All dead or out of commission. It's safe to say that this one's probably over.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  9. And this all could have been avoided if Alex burned the infinite book. Plus he could have sold the infinite fire to the Olympic committee and gotten some of that money he needed so bad. Nobody ever listens.

  10. How long till someone starts another blog saying the whole thing was a book he made and then starts to be haunted by The Arsonist.

  11. Respect? I do believe it seems more like enjoyment. Enjoyment in swaying a reactionary and fearful mind into the same downwards spiral your previous host went down.

    Just like you now attempt to make others panic at what happened, at what you'll do next.

    You're a monster of the highest quality. But yet... I will admit respect at your manipulative skill.

  12. prepare arsonist...cause when you mess with the living...the dead won't wait.

    I'm coming for you...

    I got my M16...MY bunch of misfits have a KIA for not only you, but the whole damn town of child sacrificing bastards...All with the blessing of the United States army.

    Are you scared yet?

    Cause if not...You will be...You will be.

    End Transmission.