Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quick Update

Don't know why I care if you know these things. Whatever. At this point, you're all in this story too.

Natalie called me. Brett broke into her room and they spoke. She claims he wasn't nearly as insane as he was the last time I saw him. In fact, he apparently broke down crying. I don't understand why, but as long as he's out of my hair, I don't care. I just want the bastard gone. I don't care how. If it means he's sobbing on his ex's shoulder, more fucking power to him.

There was another death. It was the youngest person thus far. Everyone else up to this point has been at least in their mid-20's, sometimes older. This was a kid, only a few days over fifteen. They found her body in the river, covered in stab wounds. There's apparently evidence that the girl resisted. For the first time, the police claim to potentially have DNA evidence to prove who's commiting these murders.

Damien's only gotten away so far because proving he's guilty through a blog like this proves that their little cult exists. That, and he's a bastard to find. Where the hell do all these insane people stay? Brett, TheArsonist, Damien... They're all never there until they want to be.

TheArsonist left another comment. Fuck it. It keeps calling my damn cellphone, sending me e-mails, and now it's back to leaving public comments. I honestly don't feel like dealing with it's shit anymore. I'm nearly ready to get it out of Judith and back to where ever it crawled out from. We'll see who has the last laugh.

I just have to wait for my turn to come back around. Then, I make my move.


  1. When dealing with the devil, it's best to remember the old saying: "Praise the lord ... and pass the ammunition."

  2. It's called blending in. It's not nearly as hard as you seem to think it is. You should try it sometime.

    Trust me, little Alex. The best hiding places tend to be right in front of your eyes. They are never too far. You just need to actually SEE.

    And if you do see TheArsonist, tell him/her/it I'm still available for drinks. I like to pick brains... among other things.

  3. im sorry so sorry. nat has helping me these days and im sorry. the voices. they made me but i don't want to anymore

    i want to go back

    i still have something. i still have life. i lost my family. but i still have life. nat made me see. she made me see.

    im getting help now. turning myself in. stop the voices. theyll help me stop the voices. im sorry. im sorry for everything.

    dont be like me. dont break.

    it hurts to think. it hurts to get better.

    i want to get better.

    goodbye alex im so sorry.