Monday, August 15, 2011

I've changed the password. TheArsonist won't ever login again, won't ever leave any more messages. It was too stupid to actually change the password. It didn't even consider that I was stronger than it believed. By the time I'm done with whatever the hell TheArsonist is, it won't be able to make such an idiotic mistake ever again. It thought I would break. It thought it could stop me and turn me into a pitiful, whining wreck. It was wrong. It was dead wrong.

It truly thought I'd just give up on Judith. It thought that just because I took some time to recover, I was done. TheArsonist has no intelligence; only foolish, preening arrogance. It assumed that it was better than me, that just by using Judith to commit its depravity that I would give up, and that was its plan's fatal flaw. TheArsonist is nothing to me. TheArsonist is a weak thought that took up residence inside my love's body. First mistake.

I refuse to grieve here on this blog. I'm not going to get angry either. I would love to get angry, but no. I refuse to let TheArsonist get off on my emotions and my reactions. That's what it wants. That's what it lives for. No. I did my grieving in private. I will quiet my rage. For the nearly three weeks I stayed alone, mostly in my borrowed room, coping and coming to terms with my loss. During that time, I put together the funeral, contacted those who needed to know, and went through the process of having my family laid to rest.

I'm not going to give the details here. I'm not spitting on my mother's, my brother's, and Dean's names like that. I will remember them as they were, not as I found them when I finally understood, when I went home.

TheArsonist tried to break me. It used Judith and my family as a weapon against me. It thought I'd be gone after using one loved one to kill the others. Last mistake.

I only have one thing left now: Judith. To wrench her from the hands of that twisted thing and back into safety, sending TheArsonist into nonexistence for the final time, is the greatest revenge I can possibly perform.

This thing believes this is a game? Fine. I'll play. And I will not lose against a worm like TheArsonist.

My move.


  1. Oh, you're alive. That's good, probably. I always assume death too soon.
    But yeah, go for it. Make your move count. Something else encouraging.

  2. A Taser, Pepper Spray, a baton, and a flak vest if you can get one.

    Good luck.

  3. This is... not gonna end well, for any of you... but good luck Alex, i'm rooting for you

  4. What the Sage-Sage said.
    And a plan. You'll definetly need one of those.

  5. Oh, little Alex, sweetheart, you claim to not be broken when you clearly are. I read your emails, dear. I know what you're planning. A sane man wouldn't do that.

    You may not have broken in quite the way I wanted, but perhaps this way is better that that which I intended. You're becoming so much like me, Alex. You're even using the same insults. I'm certain you'll claim it was a choice to attempt use my own words against me, but perhaps you want to join Judith and be like me?

    After all, how could you not have been broken after seeing your brother drowned in the blood of his parents?

  6. Careful Arsonist. I think Alex has you pegged. Fear the man who has nothing left to lose, because he'll do things that go beyond purely 'crazy.' You're screwed.

  7. How divine. I absolutely LOVE when the Lost resist the inevitable. They get so CREATIVE.

    I expect a good show from you. Don't let me down, tool. You were so dull before. So endlessly blind and repetitive. But since my last comment helped shake you... well, people are always more fun when they're awake to appreciate The Game.

  8. Brett, I don't know if you're still alive or reading this or if you've gone too crazy but... Alex told me what happened to you.

    I'm willing to talk to you, to try and help. I still care about you, even after everything you've done.

    I'm at my parents' house until next weekend. Please come over. I want to help you.

  9. What? we have a new actor in this play? interesting...

    But you shouldn't be here my dear natalie, you see, our dear alex is right now... beyond good and evil... and Brett is not his favorite person, so you shouldn't give alex the means to get his revenge you know?

    Take care dear :)

  10. I already left this warning on Nightscream's unfortunate blog, but I will leave it here as well to any others who dare attempt the same.

    Oh you pathetic little worm. Do you really wish to lay claim to what has happened to my toy? Alex is mine to play with, and mine to break. You would do well to remain clear of interacting with what is mine, or I will delight in the consequences I will visit upon you.

    You are nothing. Your "Father" is nothing. He is a lowly beast that you and the other rabble place upon a pedestal as your god. You place yourself lower than dirt while having delusions of grandeur.

    Alex has nothing to do with your pathetic master or you. Stay away from my toy, or you will know pain. I will burn, tear, cut, main, rip, and destroy every part of you while you scream for your "Father" to end it. Your name will stand as a testament to what happens to the beast's servants that dare cross me.

    You have been warned.

  11. A touch of confusion in the air, perhaps?

    I wouldn't DREAM of taking your toy away, Arsonist. You play with him far too well. I merely was admiring your work. You are such an... INSPIRATION to our family, you know. You may be on a third side, but make no mistake that threads cross the divide.

    I like you, Arsonist. I'm flattered you'd even bother to visit this little corner of infinity of mine, let alone leave threats for me to entertain! A first hand tour of your mind. I am honored... or as honored as one can be considering you're so blind to the glory of Father's embrace. It truly is a shame....

    But, hey, nobody's perfect!

    I look forward to the next episode featuring your pet.