Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alex Went Home

And what a delightfully easy password he left here for me to bypass. Honestly, this boy and his sentimental affection for Judith is going to be his ultimate demise. I won't change the password this time around, like I did when I claimed Watch This City Burn for myself. There is simply no need for that with what I have accomplished.

You see, Alex is never coming back. I don't have to lock him out of this account for I have finally removed him from the board and thus brought myself one step closer to a clean slate and a clear path to my triumph. It's taken me far too long to achieve this. Alex's unwarranted self-opinion lasted quite some time as an effective shield against my machinations, but no more.

It took an impossible amount of time for him to understand what dearest Damien tried to make clear during their little unexpected rendezvous. Not even my own comment after forced the realization through his incredibly thick skull. Instead, it took a vast amount of e-mails and phone calls before I finally got him to listen to what Damien and I said. I finally made him go home.

Now that Alex is gone, all that remain are Brett, Kiera, "Rick", and Damien. I'm honestly quite surprised at the plans this boy has put together to be rid of the MaleOrderMan. I've looked at his e-mail address. You see, it wasn't Damien that Alex planned on meeting last week. It was... Oh, I don't wish to spoil the surprise. All I need to say is that what he has set in motion against Brett is a scheme that makes me understand why Judith was at all interested in the pathetic child. As for the others, all in good time.

It is now a question of what to do with this blog since I have permanent control of it. Perhaps I shall post precisely what I've been doing the past few weeks... Or perhaps I will allow it to sit here and rot as a testament to what arrogance and an attempt to force yourself into a world where you do not belong will lead you to. We will see.



  1. "I've got Balls-Balls-Balls of Steel..."

  2. I'm going through. Almost done. I thought you were Brett. But no, he's still powerless in jail. I suppose I shouldn't be hoping the Slender Man got him. Let's spare him that.

    Doesn't change the fact that Alex is in quite a pickle now though. I'll wait to send this comment. Oh there we go. That man got out of containment. Just great...

    But seriously, what happened to Alex?