Thursday, March 17, 2011


The chimes ring outside my windows. They haven’t stopped in days. Not since He arrived. He’s been lurking for the past week. I’d seen Him in the park, and I hardly even noticed him. Then I saw Him at the book store. I thought that was nothing more than an eerie coincidence. When I went for my nightly jog and He stood beneath the street light on the corner, I ran home in terror. He’s been outside ever since. He’s always outside. He never stops staring. It’s been a week since I stepped outside. I’m running out of food. I’m running out of time. And the damned ringing of the chimes is only getting louder.

Yes, yes, I said know SLONDERNOMS stuff on this site but... I couldn't help it. And who says it's Slendy anyways? It's just a capitalized, stalking He. Turned this in for my creative writing class as a piece of flash fiction. Got the inspiration from this song (a version without shit quality, anyways...).

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